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Antidepressants Increase Depression! How?

Antidepressants increase depression! How? Depression is a toxicity RESULT. Antidepressants —FUEL IT—

Antidepressants increase depression! How?

Today my attention was drawn to Roger Bezanis, a whole food raw foodism founder, diagnostic face reading and health expert, author and educator. I am someone who has suffered depression so I was intrigued by Roger’s statement:

Antidepressants increase depression! How? Depression is a toxicity RESULT. Antidepressants —FUEL IT—.

That statement made me think about how I ended up dealing with my depression: lots of walks, gym, a (slightly) better diet and talking to other people that could relate to my own problems (child custody). In my case, there was no magic pill that cured my depression. In fact, the meds I was prescribed most often had an unwelcome side effect: I felt dulled, could not concentrate, the mind was not as sharp.

Most of the time a modified lifestyle along with a structured approach to the issues causing the pain will help a person suffering from depression or anxiety. So, whilst talking about the issues that affect you is super important, counselling does not really provide the answers. My counsellor just listened to my problems, there was no feedback and he definitely could not relate. Counselling just did not work for me.

Mind education

What did work for my depression was finding other people who I could relate to? People with experience that I could learn from. I wanted answers, understanding, perspectives, ideas and support. I ended up with a whole mind education from people that were happy to share – these were actual people that I could directly relate to. In fact, those people are why I am building this website.

People like Roger Bezanis should be commended for speaking out about depression treatments. I started following Roger on Twitter and found he has very interesting perspectives on health and mind. You can find Roger’s website and a cool mouse-over Face Reading Map here (opens in a new tab).

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