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9 things that don’t happen during pregnancy, as told by stock photos

9 things that don’t happen during pregnancy, as told by stock photos


Melissa Willets

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The other day I was looking for a stock photo featuring a woman during her pregnancy. Although I found many that accurately depicted life as a pregnant person, some images made me laugh out loud because they were just so ridiculous. For example, this one, which shows a woman doing something no one in the history of having babies, has ever done.

Eating apples during pregnancy... with a fork

Really, who pigs out on apples while pregnant? And, if you say, “me,” here’s betting you don’t eat sliced apples with a fork during a pregnancy, or ever.

Delusional pregnancy photo

And this photo. It’s just delusional. First, that outfit. But let’s say a frilly tutu in a virginal shade of pure white is your go-to look while pregnant. Fair enough. Do you play with dolls in the park like a 3-year-old girl? If you do, no judgment. I’ve never had the urge to, so I guess I just don’t understand.

Pregnancy roses over the crotch

There was this one time I sent out a pregnancy announcement photo featuring me, wearing my underwear, while holding roses over my crotch. Oh, wait. I didn’t.

The old pregnancy shoot featuring a leaf over one eye

And how about this photo? It’s the old maternity image featuring the leaf over one eye. Classic.

Safety during pregnancy is kind of a priority

And, um, posing on a high-up ledge while pregnant may not be advisable. Just saying.

Pregnancy lingerie is an oxymoron

Meanwhile, sexy maternity lingerie = oxymoron in my opinion. But to each their own. I’ll be over here wearing an oversized sleep shirt.

Dressing sexy during pregnancy and getting your nails painted

What, you don’t wear maternity intimates, and demand to have your toenails painted in a yellow room?

You don't surf underwater during pregnancy?

There’s a lot wrong with this stock image. To zero in on one befuddling detail: I’m not getting the surfboard underwater thing. But perhaps I’m just not cool.

Skiing during pregnancy is a no no

This is actually a photo of me, during a previous pregnancy, skiing in my underwear. Okay, it’s not me. Because I’ve filed hitting the slopes in the freezing cold wearing just skivvies while expecting, under “things I’ll never do.”

It’s no wonder so many women have misinformed perceptions of pregnancy with photos like these out there!

What is the most ridiculous photo of a pregnant woman you have ever seen?

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