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8 totally unscientific signs you’re about to go into labor

8 totally unscientific signs you’re about to go into labor


Melissa Willets

posted in Pregnancy

If you’re like me at the end of a pregnancy, you’re looking for every sign possible that you are about to go into labor. Sure, there are the obvious ones, like experiencing contractions and losing your mucous plug, but what about these far less scientific signs that you’re likely to have your baby very soon?

Things like:

Your maternity clothes no longer fit. If you open your closet every morning and want to cry because you’re too big to wear a single thing, it must be time to have a baby! Likewise, if only your husband’s clothes fit you, you are close to the finish line.

Unscientific labor signs

You run out of Tums. I recently popped my last Tums from a giant bottle I purchased months ago to combat rapid heartburn. And I refuse to buy another bottle, or even a small roll. So, labor is imminent, surely.

You run out of prenatal vitamins. Similarly, why replace an empty supply of prenatals? Just go into labor.

You get that final pedicure. Yesterday I squeezed in a nail treatment so my feet would look picture perfect for the delivery room. All ready for you now, baby!

Signs labor is near

You finish washing all your baby’s clothes. After the last tag has been clipped off the newborn onesies, and you have washed the final load of burp cloths and towels in gentle detergent, baby can feel free to arrive any time.

You pack your hospital bag. Take-home outfit? Check. Backup take-home outfit? Check. Toiletries bag? On hand. Outfit you pray will fit for you to wear home? Check! Surely labor will begin momentarily.

Your bikini line is groomed. Since a roomful of people will be all up in there, good thing it now looks socially acceptable. Bring on the contractions!

The nursery is all set. The crib is assembled, the walls are painted, the changing table is fully stocked. So ready, set, labor start now…

Unscientific signs you'll go into labor

Of course, none of these early labor signs is based on anything other than wanting to have your baby and feeling so ready. If only that were enough!

Images by Melissa Willets

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