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7 things no one tells you about a winter pregnancy

7 things no one tells you about a winter pregnancy


Melissa Willets

posted in Pregnancy

Having endured more than one winter pregnancy, I feel the need to perform a public service. Attention all pregnant women! Here’s what I wish someone had told me about expecting at this time of year:

Even when it’s cold outside, you will always be hot! I don’t care if it’s 1 degree out. Winter temps cannot keep you safe from hot flashes. Driving to a lunch date once, I stripped nearly naked, with the window wide open in the middle of February because I was boiling alive.

You will have to just say no to platform boots and cute holiday heels. Because ice. I was so afraid I would slip, I looked like an ad for Uggs for months. Not my fave fashion statement, but oh well.

No one will know you are pregnant, because you’re under so many layers. For some, this is a blessing, like if you aren’t ready to tell people. But it can be annoying if you’re bursting at the seams to share your news. How much clothing do you have to remove for someone to notice?

Surprising things about winter pregnancy

Everything is scented around the holidays, which is bad. During the first trimester this has meant major nausea for me. From candles to room sprays, to cinnamon-scented pine cones taking over every store, I felt like I was being assaulted by Christmas smells.

You’ll go to holiday parties and be painfully sober. Good thing the dessert tray sort of makes up for the fact that you are always the designated driver, Thanksgiving through New Years.

About a winter pregnancy

You may not feel up for all the typical holiday fun. I watched my family decorate our Christmas tree while I just sat on the couch and dozed, feeling too exhausted to unwrap a single ornament.

Your winter coat will eventually cut off your circulation. As your belly and boobs expand daily, your coat will feel like it’s shrinking. Eventually you’ll give up and stop attempting to zip it at all.

The good news is a winter pregnancy can mean a spring or summer baby, which is a great time of year to welcome a newborn. You can actually go outside, and don’t have to dress your little one for a blizzard just to hit the grocery store.

What do you wish someone had told you about a winter pregnancy?

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