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7 brilliant parenting podcasts for your aural pleasure


Maggie Downs

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If you’ve ever felt isolated and alone, juggling all the balls in this motherhood circus; if you’ve ever needed an encouraging word to get through a day of tantrums and no naps; if you’ve ever just wanted a good, solid laugh – mama, you need a parenting podcast.

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded to a phone or played on a computer, like having the very best radio shows, entertainment, and camaraderie at the touch of a button. You can listen anywhere and pick them up any time, making them ideal for mom life.

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Whether you’re folding the laundry, training for a marathon, or sitting behind the wheel of an idling minivan in the pick-up line at school, here are the shows you should be jamming in your ears.

The Longest Shortest Time

This pod doesn’t just rank at the top of my parenting podcast list, it’s one of my favorite podcasts period. It’s like the compelling stories of “This American Life” met a real-talk parenting guide, and they made a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The show also tackles the topics you might not find elsewhere, from antidepressants to what it’s like growing up with a father in prison. Some of the most enjoyable episodes feature comedians answering kids’ questions.

Coffee + Crumbs

Coffee + Crumbs takes difficult parenting issues, (like the challenges of step-mothering, parenting after divorce, and coping with a chronic illness), and makes them approachable and accessible. Host Lesley Miller and co-hosts Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss tend to root these conversations in faith and explore motherhood through a lens of spirituality.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Slate editors (currently Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace) answer parenting questions, discuss their own parenting fails, and debate the news. The three have great chemistry, which makes for engaging, relatable discussion — plus this is one of the few popular parenting podcasts to have a person of color among the regular hosts.

Parenting Bytes

This show is everything you need to know about raising kids in the digital age. Hosts Rebecca Levey, Andrea Smith, and Amy Oztan discuss innovations for the classroom, apps to make your life easier, meal kit delivery services — basically anything that involves rearing Generation Z.

The Mom Hour with Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers

Meagan and Sarah are kind of like your friends, but better. This podcast is chatty and friendly with an “Oh, girlfriend. We’ve totally been there” vibe. The hosts’ kids range from preschool to teen, so they cover a broad range of topics. A particular favorite is episode #99, discussing body confidence as a mom.


Hosted by Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of, this podcast addresses just about every facet of being a parent, from dealing with temper tantrums to organizing your living space. They pull a diverse range of experts into the mix, and the advice offered tends to be new, useful, and surprising.

One Bad Mother

Right off the bat, I’ll warn you that this is not a podcast to listen to while kids are in the car. Besides, you’ll be laughing too hard to drive. Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn host this comedy podcast that happens to be about parenting, and nothing is off-limits except for your mom guilt.

What are your essential parenting podcasts?

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