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5 ways to help your preschooler stay regular

5 ways to help your preschooler stay regular


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By Bethanie Garcia

When I pictured having a preschooler, I never thought we would have to deal with regularity issues. I thought that once our daughter was potty trained (at age 2), we wouldn’t have to deal with poop problems anymore, let alone at age 4!

Well, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. My daughter would go days without pooping and had stomachaches and gas. I was at such a loss. I did some online research, talked to parents who have gone through the same thing, and found some great ways to help keep her digestive tract healthy.

Here are 5 things that have worked for us in the 2 months since we started trying to address our daughter’s occasional issues.


  1. Encourage lots and lots of water. My 4-year-old used to hate drinking water. It seemed like the more I pushed it on her, the more she hated it. So we started making it fun for her. Rewards worked: If she took 5 drinks of water, we’d play a fun game. If she drank a glass of water, I would let her stay up 5 minutes past bedtime. Now she looks forward to drinking water. I’ve noticed a huge difference in her regularity when she’s staying hydrated.
  1. Eat berries as a midday snack. There are a lot of fruits that help with occasional elimination issues, and strawberries and raspberries are at the top of the list. This was an easy one for my daughter, because she loves fruit!
  1. Start the day off with oatmeal or yogurt. The oat grains in oatmeal contain fiber that helps with digestive issues, and some yogurt contains good bacteria that may help keep you regular. Both oatmeal and yogurt are delicious breakfast foods and start your day off in a healthy way. You can even add in berries for a more colorful breakfast.
  1. Try Culturelle® Kids Regularity Probiotic plus Fiber. We put a packet in my 4-year-old’s yogurt daily. This has been the most life-changing product for us as far as her regularity goes. Used every day, the good bacteria and fiber helps maintain the natural balance in my daughter’s digestive system, easing occasional digestive issues/complaints and keeping her body functioning properly*. It contains as much fiber as a small apple!


  1. My top tip is to stay positive. When my daughter can’t poop, it hurts her stomach, but also hurts her confidence. She is so perceptive and could read our faces when we would talk about it with her or around her. I made a promise to myself that we would only talk positively about this situation in front of her and encourage her any chance we got. Now her confidence is booming and she is so proud of herself when she goes poop. Happy stomach, happy 4-year-old, happy mama!

Using these five tips together can help your child stay more regular. Stay positive and good luck!

This post is sponsored by Culturelle®. 

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Bethanie is a California-born and -raised blogger, living in the hot Arizona desert. She has three kids, ages 4 and under. She met (and fell in love with) her husband in high school. She blogs about life, style, and motherhood at You can often find her online shopping (when her hubby’s at work, of course), catching up on KUWTK, or wrangling her kiddos — all while wearing her favorite mom-themed graphic tee with a highly caffeinated drink in hand!

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