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5 reasons I'm excited about having a Christmas baby


Jamie Reed

posted in Pregnancy

When I first heard my due date was December 22, I was a little disappointed. As someone who was born less than two weeks after Christmas, I know birthdays can kind of get pushed to the side during the holidays. (As a kid I had a friend who was born on Christmas Day and she hated it.) I was initially bummed for my unborn child, but the closer I get to my due date the more reasons I find to be excited about having a Christmas baby.

pregnant woman with Christmas ornament - having a Christmas baby

1. All my Christmas shopping is happening online this year (if at all)

I requested gift ideas and suggestions from family really early. And if they don’t get back to me soon? Gift cards for all! While I normally love Christmas shopping, this year I think I’d rather skip the crowds and lines (I have a weird fear of my water breaking at the mall) and stick to online shopping.

2. Christmas baby clothing is the best

Santa onesie - having a Christmas baby

I had no idea I’d be this crazy over a Santa onesie but I can’t stop looking at it! 

I can’t pass up an adorable Christmas outfit these days, they’re just too cute! My baby’s first Christmas would have been special regardless of when it happened, but I’m pretty pumped about a tiny newborn to dress up (and take 6 billion photos of).

3. Opting out of the holiday stress

Whether you love or loathe the holidays, you’ve got to admit it can be a stressful time. Between decorating your home, going to obligatory holiday parties, planning for company, and all the other “fun” activities involved, I’m glad to have a reason to just say no to a lot of it this year.

I debated even putting up a tree and decorating the house at all but went ahead and did a very scaled-down version. Clean up should be minimal and I’m happily going to let my husband take care of it all. I’m also saying no to sending out Christmas cards, and instead of traveling to my in-laws on Christmas day, they’re welcome to drop by our house to visit (I hope they know to bring food). I figure no one will expect anything from my this year, and I’m kind of loving that.

4. Already thinking about future Black Friday sales

While I do feel bad my child’s birthday will be crammed in with Christmas every year, I’m already thinking about all the holiday savings on toys for birthdays and Christmases to come. Sorry, kid, but maybe you’ll benefit from some good buys one of these days. Or at least you’ll have plenty of empty boxes to play with at Christmas for the first few years.

5. Tax deduction!

tax form - having a Christmas baby

Not only did we already hit our insurance deductible much earlier this year, but we’ll have the ultimate tax deduction come tax time. (Seriously, if I didn’t already have an induction date set, I’d be the pregnant lady pacing the parking lot on New Year’s Eve trying to jump-start labor!)

So, maybe a Christmas birthday wouldn’t be my first pick, but it looks like there are some benefits to it, at least for me.

Are you having a Christmas baby? What are some things you’re excited about?

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