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13 natural (and creative) remedies for morning sickness

13 natural (and creative) remedies for morning sickness


Sabrina Garibian

posted in Pregnancy

If you’ve experienced morning sickness, also known as all day long sickness, you’ve probably tried to hunt down a list of natural remedies for morning sickness.

I’m sitting here almost 17 weeks pregnant, afraid to type too vigorously lest I allow my nausea to go over the edge. While I am lucky not to have experienced hyperemesis gravidarum, I am miserable. I wake up and I’m hungry and nauseous. I eat and I’m nauseous. I exercise and I’m nauseous. I lay on the couch and I’m nauseous. I’m nauseous with a side of nausea.

I hope to turn a corner soon, but until I get there I’m relying on some natural remedies to hopefully curb my morning sickness. What works for one mom might not work for another, which is why this list of natural remedies naturally contradicts itself.

If you’re facing morning sickness and need a solution, try any of these natural remedies shared by moms who have been there and experienced that. Good luck to you!

13 natural remedies for morning sickness

13 natural remedies for morning sickness:

  1. Sips of liquid, not gulps. Never have an empty stomach. – Erin H.
  2. Drinking ginger tea. Tastes disgusting, works like a charm. – Olivia P.
  3. Peppermint essential oil. I was hesitant to ingest while pregnant, but diffusing or just sniffing the bottle when a wave hit, helped immensely. – Andrea H.
  4. Swimming. Somehow being in a pool puts my nausea at bay. If only I could live in a pool 24/7. – Sabrina G. (That’s me!)
  5. ALL the carbs + carbonation. – Presley S.
  6. I loved drinking organic lemonade. – Tammy S.
  7. Steady diet of crushed ice, Cheetos and Motts for Tots juice. – KJ P.
  8. My midwife told me to eat one almond every half hour. After months of trying all kinds of things to quell my nausea, that is the only thing that worked! – Tyler G.
  9. Cursing at my husband seemed to help. – Shelly F.
  10. Sleep. – Rachel H.
  11. Sniffing and eating fresh lemons. I would cut them up and put them under my nose to block out smelling anything else. – N.V.
  12. Sea bands! – Nancy L.
  13. Watching horrible, mind-numbing reality TV. Stephanie A.

A few people suggested a very clever solution to morning sickness: not to get pregnant in the first place. Not. Funny!

Having a baby is exciting, and pregnancy is hard work. I hope these natural remedies for morning sickness help ease your first trimester symptoms.

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What are your morning sickness remedies?

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