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11 awesome things about being pregnant at Christmas

11 awesome things about being pregnant at Christmas


Melissa Willets

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Conventional wisdom says being pregnant at Christmas sucks. No cocktails. Being sober. Did I mention it’s a major bummer to be the only guest not drinking at the holiday party?

But when I came across this post about the benefits of a yuletide pregnancy, it got me thinking. There are some things that are actually awesome about sporting a bump this time of year. Consider…

You have an excuse for eating as many Christmas cookies as you darn well please. “Outta my way, kids!”

Pregnant at Christmas and loving it

No one will be offended when you phone in certain holiday obligations. Like bringing store-bought frozen appetizers to the party. Oh wait; I do that even when I’m not pregnant. Anyway.

You don’t have to feel guilty that you binge-watched “The Great Christmas Light Fight” all night. You’re resting. For baby.

You automatically get the best seat in the house for opening Christmas gifts. Here’s mine!

Being pregnant at Christmas has its perks

Your in-laws won’t question you taking a nap, or going to bed early. Because, exhaustion. So not because you’ve had enough of them.

You can forgo those pinchy Christmas heels. Yay mini-heeled knee-high boots!

One word: Online shopping. Okay; that’s two words. Pregnancy brain.

Speaking of pregnancy brain, it’s a completely justifiable defense for “forgetting” to include someone on your holiday card list.

Your husband has to clean the house before holiday get-togethers. You’re too pregnant to inhale fumes from cleaning supplies, or drag the vacuum up the stairs; duh! Don’t feel guilty! At least he can drink after.

Being pregnant at Christmas doesn't have to suck

There’s no pressure to make New Year’s Even plans. The couch and take-out it is!

By next Christmas, you’ll have an adorable baby to celebrate with! And, you can drink!

Being pregnant at Christmas means next Christmas is all about baby

So if you are pregnant this Christmas, try to embrace it! Sure, you’re the default designated driver, but there are plenty of things to love about having a belly bigger than Santa’s this holiday season.

What would you add to this list of awesome things about being pregnant at Christmas?

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